What we believe

We believe:

  • In the existence of God as divine creator of all we see.
  • God is passionately in love with people.
  • God wants everyone to experience and enjoy a personal relationship with him.
  • Sin and human selfishness has separated us from God, and has caused us to be far less than that which we were meant to be.
  • In the existence of a devil and demonic forces who are sworn enemies of the human race and of all that is good and right.
  • All men and women need to be rescued.
  • God sent his son Jesus Christ into the world to rescue us through his sacrificial death on a cross in Jerusalem.
  • Jesus Christ was raised from the dead on the third day, and lives today.
  • There is one God that exists in three persons. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
  • There is a life after this one. There are two destinations – Heaven or Hell.
  • The choice we make now concerning Jesus Christ affects the final outcome.
  • God wants to heal, bless and transform our lives by His supernatural power so we can in turn help others.
  • God does not discriminate against people, regardless of their age, race, colour, creed, political or sexual preference. He offers life to all and any that will believe in Him.
  • God has revealed His wisdom and ways to us through an infallible book known as the BIBLE. It becomes our guide on all matters.
  • Jesus Christ will one day return to this earth to bring His church to himself.
  • There will be a final day of judgment where the small and the great will be called to account for their lives.
  • God created each person for a unique purpose and destiny.
  • God has charged us with responsibility for communicating His love and truth to all we meet.
  • God has charged us with social responsibility. We are to live generous lives, doing all we can to help others.
  • We have a financial responsibility to God and by giving generously honour Him as the source of all that we have.

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