Life with God is an adventure to be enjoyed. On that adventure we go through various seasons and changes as we pursue the Kingdom in our own lives and together as a church. Knowing always, that the best lies ahead!

We are thankful for the journey of the church in Erlangen so far. Thank you for having been part of that. It has been an awesome first season.

We have seen growth in the church, people re-connecting with Jesus as well as finding relationship with Him for the first time. We have had several baptisms, ran discipleship courses, supported and been part of missions teams and enjoyed friendship, fellowship and support along the way.

We are moving into a new season now and invite you to be part of it. This involves 3 strategic changes in one go!

On Sunday 8th November we will change our church meeting time from 10.30am to 4.00pm in the afternoon. This facilitates another change as it will allow our pastor Liam Smith to be with us  every Sunday and bring a consistency of Pastoral leadership and preached message into our Sunday gathering. Our meeting venue remains unchanged.

On this day, we will also change the name of the church. We started life as “Agape English Church – part of the Destiny Ministries Network”. At this strategic point, we feel it’s now right to re-name the church as “Destiny Church Erlangen”. This will help in several practical areas of church organization as well as help us benefit from synergies of being part of the Destiny network with like-named churches. Showing “Agape” love towards each other and our world however, is not to be changed.

So what now?

Please continue to join us. Please get the word out to everyone you can. Please get involved.

November also sees the start of a new Connect Group for midweek fellowship on a Tuesday night.  This is in addition to the women’s connect group that is already running on Wednesday mornings.  On Thursday there will be our “According To The Pattern” course.’s a new season. Be a part of it with us!

Looking forward to journeying with you as we pursue the Kingdom!




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