Refugee Appeal

refugeesDestiny Angels, part of the Destiny Ministries Network, offers ongoing support to refugees across the United Kingdom through a variety of outlets, such as food and clothing banks, DIY support, mentoring programmes and befriending.

Because of the refugees crisis that has unfolded in Munich in the last few weeks, Destiny Angels has launched a special appeal to respond to the urgent need. Destiny churches in Munich and Rosenheim are in touch with the refugees in southern Bavaria on a daily basis.

The immediate needs are for distribution of basic hygiene items such as cleansing wipes (there are very few shower facilities + people have not been able to wash for days), clean underwear, and women’s sanitary products. These items will be purchased in bulk from local wholesalers at the lowest possible prices by our trusted friends at Destiny Church in Munich and Rosenheim, who will also ensure swift distribution to those in need.
PLEASE HELP BY GIVING GENEROUSLY. Thanks so much.    Refugee Appeal


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